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Best Mobile Antivirus Software in 2023 – Android and iOS

Best Mobile Antivirus for Android:

Android is among the most popular and extensively used operating system on smartphones around the world and, therefore, a target of malicious actors. Smartphones are used for a variety of purposes like online shopping, mobile banking, and critical financial transactions and are a storehouse for personal data, which makes them an easy target for malware or a virus attack. Although Android phones generally come with inherent security measures which are basic in nature, they are not enough to protect them from a sophisticated or an advanced attack. The data is put more at risk with the infrequent security updates by the users. Having a good antivirus app installed on your phone is crucial to prevent the compromise of personal and critical information through malware and other cyber threats. As there are many Antivirus options available in the market, choosing the best mobile Antivirus becomes a cumbersome and confusing affair. We have done some research, and, in this article, we will list down the best mobile Antivirus to install in 2023.

Best Mobile Antivirus

Best Mobile Antivirus

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender is considered as one of the best virus protection apps and is very light to use. It has a robust malware scanning and detection system and provides contextual recommendations based on your device usage and needs. Apart from a robust malware prevention system, Bitdefender is also equipped with anti-theft tools, web protection, Wi-Fi scanners, data breach notifications and a newly added feature known as scam alerts. It also has a theft detection feature wherein you can check the location of the device on the map, lock the device and erase all the data. Bitdefender provides web protection by turning on filters on every website you visit and ensures that you don’t visit a malware-infested website even by accident. Bitdefender also supports and protects android accessories and third-party devices such as smartwatches.

Norton Mobile Security

For years Norton has been one of the most popular names in the antivirus category. Norton is different from other antivirus apps as it focuses on three key areas of protection, security, identity and privacy. It has an inbuilt malware scan feature that notifies you about the vulnerabilities and threats in your phone. There is a web protection feature that hordes and maintains a blacklist of websites that are dangerous and malware infested. The website security feature prevents you from going on that website which neutralises the threat. One unique feature is the app advisor feature, which automatically scans newly installed apps and informs you about potentially dangerous apps. It has a privacy feature that allows you to use VPN for certain websites.

Total AV Antivirus Android package

Total AV is considered one of the most rugged and strapping antivirus software that is known to give a desktop-grade performance on your android smartphone. It has a strong malware scan and a unique malware database that detects even the elusive types. The VPN function for privacy is strong and masks the real IP addresses and sends encrypted data to prevent online footprint and man in the middle attacks. Additionally, Total AV has a device Tune Up feature that helps in removing junk and cache files to free up more space and also to improve the performance of the phone. It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi scanner that detects malicious public networks. Even though it lacks web filters and anti-theft features, it more than makes up with its strong malware detection and prevention system.

AVG Mobile Security

AVG Mobile Security is a well-known Antivirus software as it provides a great deal of free features. Like its competitors, it has a strong and secure malware detection and prevention system which provides a detailed description of the malware and also its severity rate and source. The clean-up feature cleans the devices of junk files and cache files which frees up space and improves the speed of the device. Wi-Fi scanners are accurate and perceptive. It has a good VPN feature with data encryption features to cover your tracks on the internet. Other paid features include an app lock feature which protects the apps with a passcode. AVG suite also has a camera trap feature that clicks the picture of the malicious actor attempting to break into or steal the device.

Best Mobile Antivirus for iPhone:

Although iPhones inherent security system and measures are much stronger than that of Android, it is not immune to malware attacks from websites, annoying ads or wen trackers. There are many players in the market that provide tailor-made apps to be run on iOS and are very handy when it comes to mobile protection. Some of the best iPhone Antivirus apps are:

Norton 360

Norton is a well-known antivirus developer in the android market and holds its name in the iOS market too. It has a strong antimalware tool along with a filter that detects spam and text messages infested with malware which prevents phishing attacks. A well-enhanced web protection feature neutralises the threats from malicious websites. It also has a data breach checker which runs in the background and informs you about data breaches. Norton has a strong VPN connection that ensures privacy while surfing on the internet.


Bitdefender Antivirus suite is one of the most well-rounded antivirus suites in the market with an exception virus and malware detection capability and rate. It has a robust network scanner that blocks unsecured networks, as well as a strong VPN that encrypts data and erases your internet trail. It has a spam detection feature that detects potential breaches and spam in text messages and emails that are infested with malware and viruses. It has a central platform for all your iOS devices which enables you to view the status of your other devices through a single platform.


McAfee offers a multitude of features with its suite that helps protect your device. It has a real-time protection feature that runs in the background constantly and scans for threats and vulnerabilities. It has a security scanner to check unsecured Wi-Fi networks and prevent breaches. It has an Anti-theft feature that allows you to locate your stolen device through a GPS tracker. Additionally, the media vault feature allows you to lock your media folders and files to prevent leaks of photos and videos. The premium feature allows unlimited VPN access and ensures your privacy.

Total AV

Along with basic features like Malware detection and data breach checker, Total AV also provides features such as a device locator, photo manager and battery monitor. It also has a web shield feature that protects it from attacks through websites and a private VPN connection to hide your internet trail. Total AV has an excellent detection rate and real-time protection that prevents viruses or malware from entering your system. The battery monitor indicates your battery usage and battery life and helps you plan your device usage.

As the attacks have evolved over time, investing in mobile antivirus is a very handy investment that pays off not only in terms of protecting your device but also by providing expanded functionality to your device. Antivirus apps and software are worth every penny today.

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