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Cyber security threats have increased exponentially over the last several years and malicious actors are constantly discovering new ways to infiltrate and compromise your information systems. Every day, you hear about cyber hackers attacking, or attempting to attack, computer systems and servers, stealing everything from passwords to financial information and data. To stay ahead of such attempts and attacks, one of the most powerful and effective strategies organisations can implement is conducting regular penetration testing.

SecureTriad is a professional penetration testing company with a clear and major focus on cloud, web and mobile applications, and network penetration testing. With a combination of automated and manual testing techniques, we help organisations uncover vulnerabilities which can put their operations, staff, and clients at risk.

SecureTriad provides creative and comprehensive penetration testing services transcending standard vulnerability scanning of your information systems and technology environment. Unlike other consulting firms where penetration testing is a supplemental offering, SecureTriad’s exclusive focus is on providing security assessment services.

SecureTriad specialises in Cloud, Web/Mobile/API application, External/Internal network, and Wireless penetration testing. The results of testing are documented in a detailed remediation report for technical engineers, which also outlines risk summary and vulnerabilities for the executive leadership.

Our Vision:

Become the preferred cyber security services partner for businesses around the world.

Our Mission:

To safeguard our customers’ information systems and data from continuously evolving cyber security threats, by offering them innovative and best-in-class penetration testing services.

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